Barb RHi, I’m Barb.

A wife, mother, grandmother, and serial creative. I love to help people with soul expression through positive and fun images and words on apparel, wall art, mugs, totes, scarves, and journal books.

I took my love for vintage style and created this store with that in mind.

I have enjoyed creative projects ever since I can remember – from coloring to drawing, painting, writing, taking pictures and more – any time I create I am totally present, yet lost in the creation process at the same time. I’m not even completely sure that I breathe, lol. However, somewhere along the line I lost confidence in myself and my ability to create – second guessing everything that I do – so I stopped creating. Maybe you can relate?

Fast forward to 2012 when my husband bought me a good DSLR camera and I started taking pictures again – of everything! That opened the desire within to start dipping my toes in the waters of being creative again.

With my many years of retail background, the progression from there was to start a store on Etsy to sell my prints, then to creating designs and putting them on products, then to making journal books and publishing them. I have a second Etsy store for mugs and T-shirts, and my own store now. I taught myself several graphic design programs, and design is what I do for FUN.
The best part is that I felt creative again, and I truly enjoy the process.

That was all good, but something seemed to be missing. I felt like I was only scratching the surface of what I have to offer.

So many people I know are struggling with life (and trust me – I have been there too!), and I believe that a single idea or thought can help spark something within us to gain a new perspective.
With new perspectives we can change something about ourselves or our lives for the better.

That is when I started putting positive and fun messages on apparel and home decor, and it all started coming together.

Now I am committed to helping others in some way with what I create.

I have no credentials other than I was a kid who had a very difficult time with incorrect ideas and beliefs about herself that took many years to discover, feel and process.

If I can help others learn to do this easier and faster, I am all in! Even if I only plant a positive seed that will later sprout, I consider that a win.

My intention is to do this in a way that is not lecture-y or negative in any way, I want the messages to be positive, to feel and look good.

When I am not creating, you can find me outside somewhere with my camera, reading, going to vintage car shows (I belong to a car club!), traveling, having new experiences, sewing or spending time with my super cute grandsons.

Best wishes,